Gerai Kompas

Optimizing physical presence with the aid of some digital presence

Staying true to the founder’s journalistic vision, Gerai Kompas aspires to be the place where the younger generation can learn from the past. From the key historical figures to the events that shaped today’s modern society and culture.

Gerai Kompas

Our client needed an online presence for brand especially on social media, to better reflect their evolving business values and appeal to a younger demographic.

Gerai Kompas is a store established under Harian Kompas (Indonesian newspaper) that sells books, merchandise, stationeries and many more. 

They have been up and running for quite some time now. However, it is time to establish their digital presence by ramping up their online capabilities.


We did some intense market research, refined their brand message, and created a brand new look to truly showcase their identity.

Armed with insights, we meticulously refined their brand message for authenticity and resonance. Beyond words, we embarked on a creative journey, crafting a fresh visual identity that truly showcases their unique essence. This integrated approach, blending refined messaging and a captivating visual aesthetic, empowers our client to confidently communicate their values and engage their audience in a meaningful way.

The rebranded company experienced increased customer engagement, a boost in sales, and a stronger brand presence in the market.

The comprehensive initiative, extending beyond visual changes, resonated authentically with the audience, resulting in heightened engagement metrics and a tangible boost in sales. The company now stands on a more robust foundation, embodying a stronger and more compelling brand presence, setting the stage for continued success in the competitive market.

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