Thirty Days Of Lunch

Reinventing Life, One Lunch at a Time

Illustration made alive, illustration that tells stories.

Thirty Days Of Lunch
Challenge & Goal

The purpose of such illustrations is to summarize the podcast message even before listeners could engage.

Thirty Days of Lunch is a podcast started by Fellexandro Ruby and Ario Pratomo with the purpose of reinventing the lives of the listeners, one lunch at a time. 

They’ve had people telling the story from surviving financial problems, twenty people who went on a holiday for free on business class flight, young moms who know investment & cryptocurrency better than their husbands and many more stories. Learning from speakers such as GaryVee, Mbak Najwa, Willgoz, Catwomanizer, Ernest Prakasa, Achmad Zaky to name a few.

Repurposing the same illustration.

We also have been exclusively requested to custom illustrate their social media covers such as YouTube thumbnails, digital posters, Instagram reel covers and Spotify covers.

Bite sized information that benefits society in the long run.