Kompas: A Legacy of Journalism in the Digital Era


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Since its inception in 1965, Harian Kompas has established itself as a cornerstone of credible and high-integrity journalism in Indonesia. As the digital age continues to reshape the media landscape, Kompas has embarked on a journey to align its brand identity with the evolving world while preserving its core values. Through a comprehensive brand guideline and company profile, we tried to effectively communicate its accomplishments, seamlessly blending verbal and visual elements.

Embracing the Challenge

Conveying Kompas’ unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence is no easy feat. True to its name, Kompas aspires to remain “a guiding light for society”, steering individuals towards informed decisions. To achieve this goal, we delved into in-depth research, examining every aspect of its brand, including its individual business units, campaigns, and audience demographics.

Goals and Outcomes: Revitalizing and Redefining

The most significant challenge in developing Kompas’ new brand guideline and company profile lay in translating the brand’s rich history and values into a visually compelling and easily digestible format. We sought to create a cohesive narrative that would resonate with Kompas’ diverse audience without compromising the brand’s depth and complexity.

There are two primary objectives of this extremely important project: to refresh the brand’s image without abandoning its longstanding values, and to consolidate essential information about Kompas into a single, accessible resource.

Achieving Brand Harmony

We crafted a comprehensive brand guideline that extends far beyond mere logo and typography guidelines. It encompasses the brand’s overall identity, including its positioning, characteristics, logo philosophy, color palette, illustration and photography styles, print design implementation, and social media guidelines. Every aspect of the guideline is carefully designed to ensure consistency across all Kompas products and brands. With unwavering attention to detail, we ensured that the brand guideline aligns seamlessly with Kompas’ vision and missions.

A Story Worth Telling: A Compelling Company Profile

We also developed an engaging and informative company profile that chronicles Kompas’ journey from its founding to the present day. It provides detailed descriptions of Kompas’s remarkable achievements, ongoing events, and diverse business units. Infographics showcasing readership demographics further enrich the narrative. This carefully curated deck strikes a balance between aesthetics and data, providing valuable insights into the brand’s essence.

A Rewarding Partnership

Through meticulous research and a dedication to excellence, we ensure to successfully create a suite of brand assets that embody Kompas’ constant commitment to journalistic integrity. The outcome has obviously reinforced its position as a leading media outlet in Indonesia.

We are constantly trying to deliver results that exceed the brand’s initial vision. Our efforts in utilizing the right tools, optimizing workflow, ensuring design consistency, and striking a balance between information density and visual appeal were highly crucial to the project’s success. The collaboration between Kompas and Stellaris.one team eventually stands as a testament to the power of teamwork that becomes a satisfying experience.

The Team

Karen Kamal

Project Manager

Amalia Nanda

Content Lead & Strategist

Andreathena Bernadine

Graphic Designer

Khoirunnisa F.

Graphic Designer

Handoko Lun

Senior Copywriter

Kupi Arif


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